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CHAMORRO D., LUNA B., OURCIVAL J.M., KAVGACI A., SIRCA C., MOUILLOT F., ARIANOUTSOU M. & MORENO J.M. 2017. Germination sensitivity to water stress in four shrubby species across the Mediterranean Basin. Plant Biology 19, 23–31, doi:10.1111/plb.12450
FYLLAS N.M., CHRISTOPOULOU A., GALANIDIS A., MICHELAKI C.Z., GIANNAKOPOULOS C., DIMITRAKOPOULOS P.G., ARIANOUTSOU M., GLOOR M. 2017. Predicting species dominance shifts across elevation gradients at mountain forests in Greece under a warmer and drier climate. Regional Environmental Change, in press.
SEEBENS H., BLACKBURN T.M., DYER E.E., GENOVESI P., HULME P.E., JESCHKE J.M., PAGAD SH., PYSEK P., WINTER M., ARIANOUTSOU M., et al. 2017. No saturation in the accumulation of alien species worldwide. Nature Communications, 8, 14435 doi: 10.1038/ncomms14435.
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SALIS M., ARCA B., ALCASENA F., ARIANOUTSOU M., BACCIU V., DUCE P., DUGUY B., KOUTSIA N., MALLINIS G., MITSOPOULOS I., MORENO J.M., PEREZ J.R., URBIETA I.R., XYSTRAKIS F., ZAVALA G. & SPANO D. 2016. Predicting wildfire spread and behaviour in Mediterranean landscapes. International Journal of Wildland Fire. 25(10):1015-1032. DOI: 10.1071/WF15081
KIOUPI V. & ARIANOUTSOU M. 2016. Greek Students Research the Effects of Fire on the Soil System through Project-based Learning. Journal of Biological Education, 50(3): 304-319, DOI: 10.1080/00219266.2015.1117509
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COWLING R.M., POTTS A.J., BRADSHAW P.L., COLVILLE J., ARIANOUTSOU M., FERRIER S., FOREST F., FYLLAS N.M., HOPPER S.D., OJEDA F., PROCHES S., SMITH R.J., RUNDEL P.W., VASSILAKIS E., and ZUTTA B.R., 2015. Variation in plant diversity in mediterranean-climate ecosystems: the role of climatic and topographical stability. Journal of Biogeography, 42, 552–564.
KATSANEVAKIS S., DERIU I., D’AMICO F., NUNES A.L., SANCHEZ S.P., CROCETTA F., ARIANOUTSOU M., BAZOS I., CHRISTOPOULOU A., CURTO G., DELIPETROU P., KOKKORIS Y., PANOV V.E., RABITSCH W., ROQUES A., SCALERA R., SHIRLEY S.M., TRICARICO E., VANNINI A., ZENETOS A., ZERVOU S., ZIKOS A., CARDOSO A.C., 2015. European Alien Species Information Network (EASIN): supporting European policies and scientific research. Management of Biological Invasions, Volume 6, Issue 2: 147–157.
MITSOPOULOS I., MALLINIS G., KARALI A., GIANNAKOPOULOS C., ARIANOUTSOU M., 2015. Mapping fire behaviour under changing climate in a Mediterranean landscape in Greece. Reg Environ Change, DOI 10.1007/s10113-015-0884-0
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CHRISTOPOULOU A., FYLLAS N.M., ANDRIOPOULOS P., KOUTSIAS N., DIMITRAKOPOULOS P.G., ARIANOUTSOU M., 2014. Post-fire regeneration patterns of Pinus nigra in a recently burned area in Mount Taygetos, Southern Greece: The role of unburned forest patches. Forest Ecology and Management, 327: 148–156
MALLINIS G., KOUTSIAS N., ARIANOUTSOU M., 2014. Monitoring land use/land cover transformations from 1945 to 2007 in two peri-urban mountainous areas of Athens metropolitan area, Greece. Science of the Total Environment, 490: 262–278.
MITSOPOULOS I., MALLINIS G., ARIANOUTSOU M., 2014. Wildfire Risk Assessment in a Typical Mediterranean Wildland–Urban Interface of Greece. Environmental Management, DOI 10.1007/s00267-014-0432-6
SARRIS D., CHRISTOPOULOU A., ANGELONIDI E., KOUTSIAS N., FULE P.Z., ARIANOUTSOU M., 2013. Increasing extremes of heat and drought associated with recent severe wildfires in southern Greece. Reg Environ Change, DOI 10.1007/s10113-013-0568-6
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CHRISTOPOULOU A., FULE P., ANDRIOPOULOS P., SARRIS D. ARIANOUTSOU M., 2013. Dendrochronology-based fire history of Pinus nigra forests in Mount Taygetos, Southern Greece. Forest Ecology and Management, 293: 132–139.
ARIANOUTSOU M., DELIPETROU P., VILA M., DIMITRAKOPOULOS P.G., CELESTI-GRAPOW L., WARDELL-JOHNSON G., HENDERSON L., FUENTES N., UGARTE-MENDES E., RUNDEL P.W. Comparative Patterns of Plant Invasions in the Mediterranean Biome. PLOS One. Nov 2013. Vol. 8, Issue 11.
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ARIANOUTSOU M. & VILA M., 2012. Fire and invasive plant species in the Mediterranean basin. Israel Journal of Ecology & Evolution, Vol. 58, 2012, pp. 195–203. DOI: 10.1560/IJEE.58.2-3.195.
NE’EMAN G., LEV-YADUN S. & ARIANOUTSOU M., 2012. Fire-related traits in Mediterranean basin plants. Israel Journal of Ecology & Evolution, Vol. 58, 2012, pp. 177–194. DOI: 10.1560/IJEE.58.2-3.177.
RADEA C. & ARIANOUTSOU M., 2012. Soil arthropod communities and population dynamics following wildfires in Pine forests of the Mediterranean basin: a review. Israel Journal of Ecology & Evolution, Vol. 58, 2012, pp. 137–149. DOI: 10.1560/IJEE.58.2-3.137.
KOUTSIAS N., XANTHOPOULOS G., FOUNDA D., XYSTRAKIS F., NIOTI F., PLENIOU M., MALLINIS G. & ARIANOUTSOU M., 2012. On the relationships between forest fires and weather conditions in Greece from long-term national observations (1894–2010). International Journal of Wildland Fire, Vol. 22(4), pp. 493-507. http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/WF12003
PARASKEVA-HADJICHAMBI D., KORFIATIS K., HADJICHAMBIS A. & ARIANOUTSOU M., 2012. Conservation Reasoning and Proposed Actions for the Protection of Threatened Plant Species: Insights From a Sample of Rural and Urban Children of Cyprus. Society & Natural Resources, DOI: 10.1080/08941920.2011.642461.
KAZANIS, D., XANTHOPOULOS G. & ARIANOUTSOU Μ., 2012. Understorey fuel load estimation along two post-fire chronosequences of Pinus halepensis Mill. forests in Central Greece. Journal of Forest Research, 17:105–109, DOI: 10.1007/s10310-011-0250-0.
KOUTSIAS N., ARIANOUTSOU M., KALLIMANIS A.S., MALLINIS G., HALLEY J.M., DIMOPOULOS P., 2012. Where did the fires burn in Peloponnisos, Greece the summer of 2007? Evidence for a synergy of fuel and weather. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 156: 41– 53, DOI: 10.1016/j.agrformet.2011.12.006.
POIZARIDIS K., ZOGRAFOU K., KORDOPATIS P., KALIVAS D.P., ARIANOUTSOU M., KAZANIS D. & KORAKAKI E., 2012. A GIS-based integrated approach predicts accurately post-fire Aleppo pine regeneration at regional scale. Annals of Forest Science, 69:519–529 DOI: 10.1007/s13595-012-0222-3.
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ARIANOUTSOU, M., KOUKOULAS, S., & D. KAZANIS. 2011. Evaluating post-fire resilience using GIS and multicriteria analysis: an example from Cape Sounion National Park. Environmental Management, 47: 384–397 DOI: 10.1007/s00267-011-9614-7
MOREIRA F., VIEDMA O., ARIANOUTSOU M., CURT T., KOUTSIAS N., RIGOLOT E., BARBATI A., CORONA P., VAZ P., XANTHOPOULOS G., MOUILLOT F., BILGILI E., 2011. Landscape - wildfire interactions in southern Europe: Implications for landscape management. Journal of Environmental Management, 92, 2389-2402.

POLITI, P.I., GEORGHIOU, K. & M. ARIANOUTSOU 2011. Reproductive biology of the endemic Abies cephalonica Loudon in Mount Aenos National Park, Cephalonia, Greece. Trees: Structure and Function, DOI: 10.1007./s00468-011-0542-1
WILSON J.R.U., GAIRIFO C., GIBSON M.R., ARIANOUTSOU M., BAKAR B.B., BARET S., CELESTI-GRAPOW L., DITOMASO J.M., DUFOUR-DROR J.-M., KUEFFER C., KULL C.A., HOFFMANN J.H., IMPSON F.A.C., LOOPE L.L., MARCHANTE E., MARCHANTE H., MOORE J.L., MURPHY D.J., TASSIN J., WITT A., ZENNI R.D. AND RICHARDSON D.M., 2011. Risk assessment, eradication, and biological control: global efforts to limit Australian acacia invasions. Diversity and Distributions, 17, 1030–1046.

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RADEA C., KAZANIS D., and ARIANOUTSOU M., 2010. Effects of fire history upon soil macroarthropod communities in Pinus halepensis stands in Attica, Greece. Israel Journal of Ecology & Evolution, 56: 165–179.
PYŠEK, P., JAROŠÍK,V., HULME, P.E., KÜHN, I., JAN WILDA, J., ARIANOUTSOU, M., et al 2010. Disentangling the role of environmental and human pressures on biological invasions. Proceedings of Natural Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS)
PAPANASTASIS, V.P., ARIANOUTSOU, M., and K. PAPANASTASIS 2010. Environmental conservation in classical Greece. Journal of Biological Research, 14, 123-135.
ARIANOUTSOU, M, DELIPETROU, P., CELESTI-GRAPOW, L., BASNOU, C., BAZOS, I., KOKKORIS, Y., BLASI, C. and VILÀ M 2010. Comparing naturalized alien plants and recipient habitats across an east-west gradient in the Mediterranean Basin. Journal of Biogeography, 37(9), 1811-1823.
ARIANOUTSOU, M., BAZOS, I., DELIPETROU, P. and Y. KOKKORIS 2010. The alien flora of Greece: taxonomy, life traits and habitat preferences. Biological Invasions, 12(10), 3525-3549.
FYLLAS, NF, POLITI, P-I., GALANIDIS, A., DIMITRAKOPOULOS, P.G., and M. ARIANOUTSOU 2010. Simulating regeneration and vegetation dynamics in Mediterranean coniferous forests, Ecological Modelling, 221, 1494-1504.
BARBATI, A., ARIANOUTSOU, M., CORONA, P., DE LAS HERAS, J., FERNANDES, P., MOREIRA, F., PAPAGEORGIOU, K., VALLEJO, R., and G. XANTHOPOULOS 2010. Post-fire forest management in southern Europe: a Cost Action for gathering and disseminating scientific knowledge. iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry, 3, 5-7.
VILÀ, Μ., BASNOU, C., PYŠEK, P, JOSEFSSON, M., GENOVESI, P., GOLLASCH, S., NENTWIG, W., OLENIN, S., A. ROQUES, A., ROY, D., HULME, P.E., ANDRIOPOULOS P., ARIANOUTSOU M., et al 2010. How well do we understand the impacts of alien species on ecosystem services? A pan-European, cross-taxa assessment. Frontiers in Ecology and Environment, 8, 135-144.
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WINTER M., SCHWEIGER, O., KLOTZ, S., NENTWIG, W., ANDRIOPOULOS, P., ARIANOUTSOU, M., BASNOU, C., DELIPETROU, P., DIDZIULIS, V., HEJDA, M., HULME, P.E., LAMBDON, P., PERGL, J., PYŠEK, P., ROY, D.B. and I. KÜHN 2009. Plant extinctions and introductions lead to phylogenetic and taxonomic homogenization of the European flora, Proceedings of Natural Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS) 106, 21721-21725.
BAZOS I., KOKKORIS, I., ZIKOS, A., ANDRIOPOULOS, P., DEDIPETROU, P., GEORGHIOU K, YANNITSAROS A. and M. ARIANOUTSOU 2009. The alien vascular flora of Greece: Floristic analysis and chorology, Bocconea, 23, 281-284.
POLITI P.I., ARIANOUTSOU, M. and G.P. STAMOU 2009. Patterns of Abies cephalonica seedling recruitment in Mount Ainos National Park, Cephalonia, Greece. Forest Ecology and Management, 258, 1129-1136.
SOTIRIOU E. and M. ARIANOUTSOU 2009. Soil moisture effects on cellulose decomposition in a Mediterranean ecosystem of Attica, Greece. Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution, 55, 63–76.
PAULA S., ARIANOUTSOU, M., KAZANIS, D., TAVSANOGLU, Ç., LLORET, F., BUHK, C., OJEDA, F., LUNA, B., MORENO, J.M., RODRIGO, A., ESPELTA, J.M., PALACIO, S., FERNANDEZ-SANTOS, B., FERNANDES, P.M. and J.G. PAUSAS 2009. Fire-related traits for plant species of the Mediterranean Basin. Ecology, 90, (5), 1420-1420.
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P.W. LAMBDON, P. PYSEK, C. BASNOU, M. HEJDA, M. ARIANOUTSOU, F. ESSL, V. JAROSIK, J. PERGL, M. WINTER, P. ANASTASIU, P. ANDRIOPOULOS, I. BAZOS, G. BRUNDU, L. CELESTI - GRAPOW, P. CHASSOT, P. DELIPETROU, M. JOSEFSSON, S. KARK, S. KLOTZ, Y. KOKKORIS, I. KUHN, H. MARCHANTE, I. PERGLOVA, J. PINO, M.VILA, A. ZIKOS, D.ROY & P.E. HULME 2008. Alien flora of Europe: species diversity, temporal trends, geographical patterns and research needs. Preslia 80, 101-149.
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ARIANOUTSOU M., D. KAZANIS and V. VARELA 2007. Mapping the post-fire resilience of mediterranean pine forests: the case of Sounion National Park, Greece. Options Mediterraneennes, 75, 25-33.
KAZANIS D., T. GIMENO, J. PAUSAS. R. VALLEJO and M. ARIANOUTSOU 2007. Characterization of fire vulnerable Pinus halepensis ecosystems in Spain and Greece. Options Mediterraneennes, 75, 131-143.
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KARAVAS, N., GEORGHIOU K., ARIANOUTSOU, M. and D. DIMOPOULOS 2005. Vegetation and sand characteristics influencing nesting activity of Caretta caretta on Sekania beach. Biological Conservation 121, 177-188.
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KAZANIS, D. and M. ARIANOUTSOU 2004. Long-term post-fire vegetation dynamics in Pinus halepensis forests of central Greece: a functional-group approach, Plant Ecology, 171,101-121.
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RADEA, C. and M. ARIANOUTSOU 2002. Environmental responses of soil arthropod communities along an altitudinal-climatic gradient of Western Crete, Greece. Journal of Mediterranean Ecology, 3, 37-45.
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ARIANOUTSOU, M. 2001. Landscape changes in Mediterranean Ecosystems of Greece: implications for Fire and Biodiversity issues. Journal of Mediterranean Ecology, 2, 165-178.
RICOTTA, C., ARIANOUTSOU, M., DIAZ-DELGADO, R., DUGUY, B., LLORET, f., MAROUDI, E., MAZZOLENI, S., MORENO, J-M, RAMBAL, S., VALLEJO, R. & A. VAZQUEZ. 2001. Self-οrganized criticality of wildfires ecologically revisited. Ecological Modelling, 141, 307-311.
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KOKKORIS, I. and M. ARIANOUTSOU 2000. Flowering and fruiting phenology of four herbaceous species of Leguminosae in a burned Pinus halepensis forest of Attica, Greece. Journal of Mediterranean Ecology 1, 193-200.
ARIANOUTSOU, M. and C. RADEA 2000. Decomposition processes and soil arthropod community in a Pinus halepensis Mill. forest of Greece after a wildfire. European Journal of Soil Biology, 36,57-64.
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1990 - 1999
KAZANIS, D. and M. ARIANOUTSOU, 1996. Vegetation structure in a post-fire successional gradient of Pinus halepensis Forests of Attica. Int. J. of Wildland Fire 6(2), 83-91.
ARIANOUTSOU, M. and C.A. THANOS. 1996. Legumes in the fire prone Mediterranean regions: the example of Greece, Int. J. of Wildland Fire 6(2), 77-82.
COWLING, R.M., P.W. RUNDEL, B.B. LAMONT, M.K. ARROYO and M. ARIANOUTSOU, 1996. Plant diversity in Mediterranean-climate regions. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 11(9), 362-366.
ZAHAROPOULOU, A., T. LANARAS and M. ARIANOUTSOU, 1993. Influence of dust from a limestone quarry on chlorophyll degradation of the lichen Physcia adscendens (Fr.) Oliv. Bull. Environ. Cont. and Toxicol., 50, 852-855.
ARIANOUTSOU, M. 1993. Leaf litter decomposition and nutrient release in a maquis (evergreen sclerophyllous) ecosystem of North-Eastern Greece. Pedobiologia, 37, 65-71.
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SPECHT, R.L., H.T. CLIFFORD, M. ARIANOUTSOU, L.H. BIRD, M.P. BOLTON, P.I. FORSTER, R.I. GRUNDY, E.E. HEGARTY and A. SPECHT, 1991. Structure, Floristics and Species Richness of Plant Communities in Southeast Queensland. Proc. Soc. Qd. 101, 27-78.
ZAHAROPOULOU, A. and M. ARIANOUTSOU, 1991. Post-fire lichen colonization in evergreen sclerophyllous ecosystems of Halkidiki. North-Eastern Greece. Botanika Chronika 10, 945-952.
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1980 - 1989
ARIANOUTSOU, M. 1989. Atmospheric deposition of nutrients in a coastal maquis ecosystem of NorthEastern Greece. Int. J. Biometeor. 33(2), 124-131.
ARIANOUTSOU, M. 1989. Timing of litter production in a maquis ecosystem of NorthEastern Greece. Acta Oecologia (Oecologia Plantarum). 10(4). 371-378.
ARIANOUTSOU, M. 1988. Assessing the impacts of human activities on the nesting habitats of the loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta L. Environ. Conserv. 15(4), 328-334.
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ARIANOUTSOU-FARAGGITAKI, M. and J. DIAMANTOPOULOS, 1985. Comparative phenology of five dominant plant species in maquis and phrygana ecosystems in Greece. Phyton (Austria), 25(1), 77-85.
MARGARIS, N.S., ARIANOUTSOU M., TSELAS S. and L. LOUKAS, 1985. Air pollution effects on Attica’s natural ecosystems. Bull. of Environ. Cont. and Toxicology, 34, 280-284.
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ROY, J. and M. ARIANOUTSOU-FARAGGITAKI, 1985. Light quality as the environmental trigger for the germination of the post-fire species Sarcopoterium spinosum L. Flora, 177, 345-349.
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ARIANOUTSOU, M. and N.S. MARGARIS, 1981. Early stages of succession after fire in a phryganic (East Mediterranean) ecosystem. I. Regeneration by seed germination. Biol. Ecol. Medit., 8(3-4), 119-128.
ARIANOUTSOU, M., DIAMANTOPOULOS, J. and N.S. MARGARIS, 1980. Fire behaviour of Ceratonia siliqua. Portug. Acta Biol., 16(1-4), 67-74.
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