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2010 Radea, C., Louvrou, I., Pantazidou, A., Economou-Amilli, A. Photosynthetic microorganisms as epibionts and euendoliths on biotic substrates in a thermal spring with ferric-iron deposits. Fottea 10 (1): 129-140.
2009 Lamprinou V., Pantazidou A., Papadogiannaki G., Radea C. and Economou-Amilli A. Cyanobacteria and associated invertebrates in Leontari cave, Attica, Greece. Fottea 9(1): 155-164.
2008 Radea C., Louvrou I. and Economou-Amilli A. First record of the New Zealand mud snail Potamopyrgus antipodarum (JE Gray 1843) (Mollusca: Hydrobiidae) in Greece Notes on its population structure and associated microalgae. Aquatic Invasions 3: 341-344.
2002 Radea C. and M. Arianoutsou. Environmental responses of soil arthropod communities along an altitudinal-climatic gradient of Western Crete in Greece. Journal of Mediterranean Ecology 3: 37-45.
2000 Radea C. and M. Arianoutsou. Cellulose decomposition rates and soil arthropod community in a Pinus halepensis Mill. forest of Greece after a wildfire. European Journal of Soil Biology 36: 57-64.
1993 Radea C. Environmental factors that influence the phenology of predators in the organic horizon of a mediterranean pine forest. Biol. Gallo-Hellen. 20(1): 249-258.
1992 Radea C. and M. Mylonas. Landsnails in the organic horizon of a mediterranean coniferous forest. Pedobiologia 36: 187-192.
1991 Radea C. Study on the litter production, the decomposition rate of the organic horizon and the arthropod community in ecosystems with Pinus halepensis Mill of insular Greece. Biol. Gallo-Hellen. 16: 193-198.
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