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Publications in Scientific Journals
Arianoutsou M., Bazos I., Delipetrou P., Kokkoris Y. 2010. The alien flora of Greece : taxonomy, life traits and habitat preferences. Biol. Invasions 12: 3525-3549.
Arianoutsou M., Delipetrou P., Celesti-Grapow L., Basnou C., Bazos I., Kokkoris Y., Blasi C. & Vila M. 2010. Comparing naturalized alien plants and recipient habitats across an east-west gradient in the Mediterranenan Basin. J. Biogeogr. 37: 1811-1823.
Georgiou C., Koutsaviti A., Bazos I. & Tzakou O. 2010. Chemical composition of Echinophora tenuifolia subsp. sibthorpiana essential oil from Greece. Rec. Nat. Prod. 4 (3): 167-170.
Bazos I., Kokkoris Y., Zikos A., Andriopoulos P., Delipetrou P., Georghiou K., Yannitsaros A. & Arianoutsou Μ. 2009. The alien vascular flora of Greece: floristic analysis and chorology. Bocconea 23: 281-284.
Tzakou O., Bazos I. and Yannitsaros A. 2009. Essential oil composition and enantiometric distribution of fenchone and camphor of Lavandula cariensis and L. stoechas subsp. stoechas grown in Greece. Natural Product Communications 4(8): 1103-1106.
Yannitsaros A. & Bazos I. 2008. The Gymnospermae of Lesvos (East Aegean Islands, Greece). Bot. Chron. 19: 63-79.
Lambdon P. W., Pyšek P., Basnou C., Hejda M., Arianoutsou M., Essl F., Jarošík V., Pergl J., Winter M., Anastasiu P., Andriopoulos P., Bazos I., Brundu G., Celesti-Grapow L., Chassot P., Delipetrou P., Josefsson M., Kark S., Klotz S., Kokkoris Y., Kühn I., Marchante H., Perglová I., Pino J., Vila M., Zikos A., Roy D. & Hulme P. E. 2008. Alien flora of Europe: species diversity, temporal trends, geographical patterns and research needs. Preslia 80(2): 101–149.
Tzakou O., Bazos I., Yannitsaros A. 2007. Volatile metabolites of Pistacia atlantica Desf. from Greece. Flavour Fragr. J. 22: 358-362.
Yannitsaros A., Bazos I. 2006. Ibicella (Stapf) Van Eseltine: A genus of the American family Martyniaceae new for Greece. Ann. Musei Goulandris 11: 271-279.
Tzakou Ο., Bazos I., Yannitsaros A. 2005. Essential oils of leaves, inflorescences and infructescences of spontaneous Cotinus coggygria Scop. from Greece. Flavour Fragr. J. 20: 531-533.
Bazos I. & Yannitsaros A. 2004. Floristic reports from the island of Lesvos (Greece) I. Dicotyledones: Aceraceae-Guttiferae. Edinb. J. Bot. 61(1): 49-86.
Panitsa M., Bazos I., Dimopoulos P., Zervou S., Yannitsaros A., Tzanoudakis D. 2004. Contribution to the study of the flora and vegetation of the Kithira island group: Offshore islets of Kithira (S Aegean, Greece). Willdenowia 34: 101-115.
Bazos I. & Yannitsaros A. 2001. Rare plants from aquatic and semi-aquatic habitats of Lesvos island (East Aegean, Greece). Bocconea 13: 589-597.
Bazos I. & Yannitsaros A. 2000. The History of botanical investigations in Lesvos island (East Aegean, Greece). Biologia Gallo-Hellenica, Supplementum 26: 55-68.
Bazos I. & Yannitsaros A. 1999. Pteridophyte flora of Lesvos (East Aegean Islands, Greece). Edinb. J. Bot. 56(3): 421-448.
Delitheos A., Tiligada E., Yannitsaros A. & Bazos I. 1997. Antiphage activity in extracts of plants growing in Greece. Phytomedicine 4(2): 117-124.
Christodoulakis N. & Bazos I. 1990. Leaf anatomy of three seasonally dimorphic subshrubs. ActaOecologica 11(2): 190-195.
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